Investment Tips

Right after the Second World War, a group of Swiss bankers and businessmen decided to make money investing in several fronts, from stock market to real estate. Using basically 12 AXIOMS, they were capable of reducing the risks and increase profits, contributing to transform the Swiss citizens in one of the wealthiest people in the planet.


Take the risk! Don`t be afraid of getting a little hurt, after all the risk rate in which you will be involved is not that scary. When you decide to face it, you will be giving yourself a realistic chance of differentiating from the majority.


Always obtain capital early, don’t expect the high to reach the peak. Whenever you reach the goal previously established, sell the real estate and get out, never test your luck too much.


Quickly leave the boat as soon as any problems appear, don’t sink along. Accepting the loss and admitting that you are wrong is necessary. Therefore it is important to always invest based on the advices of specialists, what reduces the change of making the wrong decisions.


Never base your speculative program on forecasts, it doesn’t work. In the real estate market, a world shaped by the human behavior, nobody has the most remote idea of what will happen in the future.


Don’t let yourself be hypnotized by the illusion of order. Your studies may have increased your probabilities, but you may not ignore the immense role that chances plays in your project. It is unlikely that your studies have created a right situation; you will continue to deal with the chaos.


Don’t create roots. The city of São Paulo is full of opportunities; you just have to search for them. Therefore the, investor-partner shall be free, ready to quickly grab a new project, independent of the region in which it is.


Although it is not infallible, the intuition may be a useful speculation instrument, once treated with care and skepticism. Intuition is not magic, or out of this world. It is simply a manifestation of a mental experience absolutely common: to know something without knowing how you know it.


Keep money separated from supernatural. There are no indications that any believe or occult practice has produced, consistently, good financial results for their devotee.


Optimism may be the enemy of the investor-partner. It provides a good sensation, and therefore, it is dangerous. It usually covers completely the reasoning and may lead you to dead ends. And, even if there is any way out, the optimism is capable of persuading to not use it.


The majority of the people, although not every time, are frequently wrong. The most common pressure on you comes from those that want you to tag along with the herd. These speculations however can be expensive. The most powerful line of resistance to these pressures is the clear consciousness of their existence, and of their insidious power.


Don’t fall in the trap of persisting in an attempt to obtain gain from a single speculation. Don’t give up on your freedom to choose investments only by their merits, in exchange for being obsessed with a transaction that did not work.


React to the facts as soon as they appear. The investor-partner shall put their money in good real estate opportunities, and remove it when the risks appear. There is only one long term financial plan that you need: the plan to get rich.